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Our Customers Have A Few Nice Things To Say
About The Way We Do Business

I placed ads with 3 different online classifieds web sites to sell my Cessna.  The only phone calls or emails I got were from the Aviation Hunter Classifieds advertisement.  For my money, this is the best place to advertise online & I'll recommend it to anyone.   

Mike Mankowietz


Just 3 weeks after I posted my ad with you, I sold my twin engine that I had been trying to sell for over 6 months through newspaper ads.  Aviation Hunter Classifieds did the trick - I wish I'd have used your services 6 months ago!

Bob Mancini


We were very satisfied with all the response we got from the ad. For the price of making it a featured ad, & being able to have all those pictures online, this is the only way to advertise. If we have something else to sell in the future we will sure do it again.

Thank you.
Joe Bradley


Great service! 

Gene Griffith


I found Aviation Hunter Classifieds to be very helpful in the sale of our plane. Also, being able to see what the "going price" was for a similar aircraft let us know we were in the ballpark. Many thanks for a great site!

Marcia Brown


This service was the best I've ever used. I sold my Gulfstream in only a couple months and had many more responses than ever expected. Thank you very much. I will recommend your site to everyone.

Mike Hodges


Service was great. I had put my plane on consignment for 9 months with a broker with no luck. It sold in less than two months with your service!

Anthony Dixon

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