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2/15/2005 We have exciting news for those of you who opt for a Premium Listing at Aviation Hunter! Now any Premium Listing may include up to 20 photos! Premium Listings start at only $1.99 each and run until your aircraft sells. You can choose from Attention-Getter Icons, Featured Ad Placement, Highlighting, Bold Text, or Priority Ranking.

1/21/2005 We are pleased to announce the addition of a wonderful new feature which makes your aircraft search even easier!  We have implemented "Compare Items", where you may select up to 3 different aircraft for side-by-side comparison of all data, descriptions, and photos.  While using the 'Search' feature of the web site, simply select up to 3 of the check-boxes directly to the left of the Ad Title for the vehicles you would like to compare - then click on "Compare Selected Items" at page bottom.

12/31/2004 As part of the global community, we are deeply saddened by the tragic loss of life and suffering that are occurring as a result of last Sunday's massive earthquake and tsunami in the Indian Ocean.  As the situation unfoleds and the year draws to an end, it is time to take stock of all that we have to be thankful for - our friends, family, & our health.  We'd like to take this opportunity to wish all our customers and participating Aviation Brokers & Dealers a Happy New Year!

12/15/2004 As always, we at Aviation Hunter appreciate our customer's feedback and take your suggestions seriously.  As a direct result, we are happy to announce the implementation of our new & improved "Search Ads" function.  We have made searching easier, and the search now offers better results.  We've eliminated unnecessary & redundant search fields which served little purpose.  The search results pages have also been vastly improved, and now show the Location and Price for each listing.  In addition, you can now Search by Price Range, and sort the listings by Price.  In the prior format, the site visitor would need to click on each individual listing to see that information.  Thanks to our customer Chuck Rogers for his insightful suggestion!  If you'd like to offer your own feedback, please click here.

11/24/2004 Happy Thanksgiving! To all our participating Aviation Brokers & Dealers, and all of our site visitors, we wish you a happy, healthy, & joyous day of Thanksgiving!

11/15/2004 Aviation Hunter welcomes comments and suggestions from our Brokers, Dealers and site visitors. If you have an idea about what would make your experience with Aviation Hunter better, please send us a quick message by clicking here.

11/09/2004 Aviation Hunter begins offering Brokers and Dealers free 90 day trial membership. Brokers or Dealers may sign up for a free 90 day membership, post unlimited listings that have up to 10 photos each, and include a wealth of information. Brokers or Dealers interested should complete the short form found here. This program will continue throughout August 30, 2005.

11/03/2004 Aviation Hunter launches new Affiliate program. Beginning today, is sharing the wealth! Interested webmasters who wish to place Aviation Hunter banners, buttons, or text links will share in 10% of any sales generated from their site. Interested affiliates should click here to learn more & sign up.

11/01/2004 Aviation announces the launch of our updated & improved classifieds system upgrade. Starting today, site users can now upload 10 photos instead of 3; utilize the search by region, state, or zipcode; share their experiences in our Aviation Forums; and enjoy the speed & ease of our new system.

Aviation Shows & Events for 2005 

April 12-18, 2005 
Sun 'n Fun Fly-In

Lakeland, Florida
More Information

April 21, 2005 
Jet Preview
Addison Express at Addison Airport
Addison, Texas
More Information

April 21, 2005 
NBAA Regional Forum
Republic Airport
Farmingdale, New York
More Information

April 21-24, 2005 
AERO Friedrichshafen
Friedrichshafen, Germany
More Information

April 27-29, 2005 
Mexico's Business Aviation Show
Toluca, Mexico
More Information 

May 3-5, 2005 
CBAA 2005 Annual Convention
Vancouver, British Columbia
More Information

May 14-15, 2005 
Alaska State Aviation Trade Show & Conference
Anchorage, Alaska
More Information

May 26, 2005 
Galaxy Aviation at Palm Beach International Airport
West Palm Beach, Florida
More Information

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