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Frequently Asked Questions on Selling your Aircraft

Aircraft Sellers:

How much does it cost to place an ad?
FREE ads run 6 months and include up to ten photographs of your aircraft.

Paid Premium Listings (starting at only $1.99) offer greater visibilty with Featured Placement, highlighting, bold text, or Attention-Getter Icons options. All Premium Listings include up to twenty photographs and run for a minimum of 1 year or until your aircraft is sold. If you are an Aircraft Dealer or Broker, you may be interested in our Dealer Program which offers savings on unlimited Aircraft ads.

How long will it take for my ad to be activated?
All ads that are paid by credit card or PayPal are activated immediately. No need to wait 24 hours like on other sites such as Controller. Sell your Aircraft today! If you mail a check your ad will be activated when we receive your check.

I attempted to place an ad and received the following message: "Ad can be placed in final level category only."  What does this mean? 
All ads must be placed in a final level category (which includes Main Category such as Jet, Turboprop, Piston Single Engine, etc. - AND - Manufacturer, such as Cessna).  An example of a 'final level category' would be:  Jet > Cessna

Can I make changes to my ad?
Absolutely. You can login with your username and password to make any changes to your ad or your contact information whenever you want. No need to wait for someone to make the changes for you like on other classified sites.

Can I include a photo of my Aircraft in the ad?
Yes you can include 10 photos of your aircraft at no extra charge . The image type must be in the .jpg or .gif format, have a file size no larger than 60000 bytes, and have a width no greater than 640 pixels and a height no greater than 480 pixels. Some other classifieds sites charge an additional fee per photograph.

Ads with photos get viewed much more than ads without photos, so please try to provide a picture of your Aircraft.  If you don't have photos, you may select one of our Stock Photos.

If you have any problems uploading your photos you can reply to the e-mail that you received when you registered and attach them, or you can contact us and someone will help you post them.

Can you scan my photos for me?
If you do not have digitized photos of your Aircraft for sale, we can scan them for you for $9.95 ....all ten. Make check payable to:  ".Com Endeavors, Inc." and please send photos to:

3165 S. Alma School Road  #108
Chandler, AZ 85248

*Please include your ad number so we will know where to post the pictures. If you would like your photos sent back to you, please also send a self addressed, stamped envelope.

How will potential buyers contact me?
Buyers will contact you through the information that you submit (your e-mail address & telephone number) when you register. uses a Privacy Mail feature which protects your e-mail addresses from spammers. Instead of displaying your e-mail address in the ad, a "Reply to Ad" link is displayed. The person replying to the ad then sees a form and clicks on a submit button to send their reply to you.

IMPORTANT: Please make sure that you use a working e-mail address. If you provide a wrong e-mail you will not be able to receive replies. Try to avoid using free e-mail (hotmail, etc.) because these accounts have a limited quota and it is possible to go over this and not receive your mail.

IMPORTANT: Please test your ad by sending a reply to yourself after placing your ad. Some Internet providers may block e-mail thinking that it is spam.

What do I do if my Aircraft is sold?
Buy another aircraft immediately! If you sell your Aircraft you can contact us including your ad number and someone will remove your ad for you. You also may delete or modify your ad at anytime by using your username and password.

How do I pay for my ad?
We use and to accept every major credit card. All transactions take place on a secure server noted by https:// in the url address. We also accept checks or money orders.
IMPORTANT: Never give out your credit card info to a site in a form that is not on a secure server. Make sure that the url address begins with https:. If you are using Netscape or Microsoft compatible browsers, you will notice an unbroken key or lock at the bottom of your browser.

Aircraft Buyers:

What is Auto Notify?
The Auto-Notify feature allows you to set up a personal search agent that will automatically send you new ads that match the keywords that you define. You must register to use Auto-notify. Registration is free.

What is "My Hangar?
The "My Hangar" feature of our system allows you to add specific ads you choose to a "personal page" which may be retrieved in the future. It is useful when you are attempting to "compare" several ads posted to the system. You must register to use "My Hangar". Registration is free.

How do I contact the Aircraft sellers?
You can contact the seller through the information that they have included in their ad (phone number, e-mail). uses a Privacy Mail feature which protects the sellers e-mail addresses from spammers. Instead of displaying their e-mail address in the ad, a "Reply to Ad" link is displayed under their contact info. Please use this link to send a message if there is no other contact info in ad.

How do I know if the Aircraft that I am interested in is already sold?
Most Aircraft sellers will remove their ads when they sell their plane or helicopter. Some sellers will not always remove their ad immediately. Since most ads run until sold you may contact someone who has already sold their Aircraft. If this happens please contact us to let us know. Thanks!

Scam Alert! Please view this page to read about recent scam attempts.

If you have any additional question please feel free to contact us.

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